About Me I was born in Naples, Italy, in 1989. I’ve started working in the modelling industry at the age of 18 when i finished high school. Since the age of 4 I have practiced many kinds of sports : football, swimming, water polo and fitness. Sports have helped me in every aspects of my life. I have left the world of fashion to continue my studies. I graduated a short time ago in International and Diplomatic Relations. This blog is a mirror of who I am : traveler , student , model, dreamer. I always want to discover new things whereas I hate routine and pessimism. I always say: “No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and fight for your dreams”. People intrigue me, I look out what they get up in, how they move, speak and what they eat. I enjoy healthy life, healthy food and fashion style. Fashion means to me knowing how to choose the right piece, without getting caught by the shopping frenzy, beyond the economic possibilities of each one, because you can buy beautiful and elegant garments with a few money. I hope you ‘ll follow me.


After the rain


We always young #2